Insight     Enabling Organizational Transformation with One GML’s Six Dimensions

Enabling Organizational Transformation with One GML’s Six Dimensions

Jul 03, 2023


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Enabling Organizational Transformation with One GML’s Six Dimensions


We are delighted to announce that One GML is recognized by HR Tech Outlook APAC, as Top 10 Talent Management Service Provider 2023.

This article is quoted from HR Tech Outlook APAC: Talent Management Edition

ISSN 2644-2477


In today's fast-paced business world, organizations must implement execution-biased systems to drive innovation, productivity, and digitalization. However, successful transformation goes beyond just implementing new systems. Organizations must also have an ambidextrous structure that fosters teamwork, accountability, and a clear strategy to achieve goals. This is where One GML, a global strategy & talent management consulting and recruitment leader, comes in.


One GML, headquartered in Indonesia, has established itself as a preferred transformation consulting firm by providing organizations with the right people, systems, and strategies to succeed. The company believes that when individuals work together toward a common goal, their habits and behaviors become ingrained in the organizational culture.


Hence, One GML focuses on six dimensions of organizational transformation, helping clients become more agile, innovative, and adaptable in today's competitive environment. These dimensions include purpose-driven strategy, ambidextrous leadership, adhocracy culture, execution-based systems, empowered structure, and entrepreneurial people.


This firm differentiates itself from traditional consulting firms by bridging the gap between strategy and execution across these six dimensions. It helps clients improve their performance and growth by focusing on both aspects. In addition, One GML's integrated digital capabilities elevate its execution capability, positively impacting Indonesia's competitiveness.


The company is structured into tribes, each with its own area of expertise, such as strategy execution, organization excellence, learning, and digital solutions. These tribes are organized into two super tribes—the Strategy Super Tribe and People Super Tribe—each led by a 'tribe chief' and work in synergy under the 'super tribe chief.' This integrated approach allows the firm to offer comprehensive solutions and enables it to call itself an integrated company.


One GML prioritizes a collaborative approach to performance management and views its operations from the customer's perspective. For each project, the company first sends a team of relationship management experts to meet with the client and understand their preliminary challenges. After identifying the key areas, a specialized consulting team collects data and conducts a thorough analysis. Proposals and agreements are then finalized, and the firm works on the project with precision and care. In its solution offerings, One GML embeds in-house developed digitalization solutions in order to enhance client’s strategy & talent management practices. 


The company primarily focuses on private companies owned by families, state-owned enterprises, and government organizations. One GML takes pride in collaborating with Indonesia's leading government agencies, such as the Central Bank of Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority, and the Ministry of Finance. In 2001, the firm was brought in to facilitate the implementation of 46 streams that were developed for the Central Bank of the Republic of Indonesia. It reviewed the bank's vision and mission, created a strategy management office, and developed standard operating procedures (SOPs). 


One GML's team also provided a customized tool using QPR software from Europe and trained business leaders and administrative staff accordingly. The system built for the central bank has now been in place for over 20 years.


One GML is also known for its CDHX (Center of Digital and Human Transformation) Circle of Thought Leaders, a distinguished division within the firm that brings together a diverse group of prominent industry leaders. These thought leaders, including Professor David Ulrich from University of Michigan, Professor David Rogers from Columbia University and influential leaders from Indonesia's largest corporations, provide valuable insights and guidance to One GML's clients on real implementation strategies.


Suwardi Luis, CEO of One GML and renowned speaker and author, is also a proud member of this group, contributing to his firm’s differentiation and success quotient. Together, these thought leaders provide valuable insights and guidance to ONE GML’s clients on real implementation strategies.


One GML's exceptional accomplishments have garnered recognition from esteemed government bodies and renowned academics, including Professor Robert Kaplan from Harvard Business School. One GML will continue to help government and businesses reach their full potential, as Indonesia remains one of the world's fastest-growing economies.



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